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A single moment can change a whole life. For Ute Winkler-Stumpf, that moment came one evening in August 1994 when she saw a TV program about a disease called noma. The bacterial infection affects almost exclusively malnourished children in developing countries and leads to devastating facial disfigurements.

Shocked by the images of these children, Ute Winkler-Stumpf felt it wasn’t enough to donate money. She decided to take matters into her own hands and founded Hilfsaktion Noma e.V. What started with two boys from Niger, whom she brought to Germany for surgery, has grown into the world’s largest campaign to fight noma over the last quarter century.

In her book "The Gift of a Smile: My Mission for Africa's Children", Ute Winkler-Stumpf tells the gripping story of founding Hilfsaktion Noma e.V. 25 years ago with a sole purpose: to return to these children the smiles they had lost. It's the story of a woman who has seen more horror and suffering than most of us can imagine. But despite all the setbacks, she never lost hope and continued to fight for her conviction: Every child deserves to smile.

Originally published in German, we are delighted to be able to offer you to read the English-language version of the book online or download the PDF version to your device for offline reading. As human rights icon Jean Ziegler said: "It's impossible to read Ute Winkler-Stumpf's book...and to despair of the world.
We hope you will find "The Gift of a Smile" to be a worth-while read as well - let us know what you think! Read the book online by clicking on the preview image. If you would rather download the PDF version for offline reading, you can do so as well!

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